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EHA Consulta​nts

Think differently, 

drink better

Changing the way we drink, one sip at a time.



What we do

So people want to know what we really do, we would love to tell you!

*We help your vision come true of perfecting your business model for your bar/restaurant/venue/catering service. Everything from your employee handbooks, to hiring your team, to programming your POS to building a menu with you.

*If your business is in trouble and you are losing money, we look at the big picture and the tiniest detail to help you turn losses ​into profits.

*We train your employees. Whether it’s front of the house or back of the house, we devise a plan that gives you the professional polish that represents your vision.

*We have fun! Lots of it!

*We create beverage programs that make you stand out that are cohesive to your concept with culinary influence with ease of speedy execution. We stay with the trends, we keep it fresh yet unique.

*We teach classes to keep you and your team sharp.

*We have a team of bartenders who will work your parties and events from pouring wine and beer to complex mixology.

*T.I.P.S. Certified

*Servsafe Certified

*We will work with brand and supplier partners on building successful tastings, dinners, events that showcase your brands the way you would when you don’t have enough boots on the ground. We are the supplier support team!

*We assist in selling your brands and building a following to generate more sales and push out more depletions.

*We train your distributor partners on your brands and offer contracts including GSMs, Ride-withs and crew drives.

*We take pride in the food and beverage industry and want to be your partner. Call us, text us, email us, @ us...any way that’s best for you. Let’s do it!

We are a Colorado based company out of Denver but do business in Ohio, Kentucky, Georgia, Missouri, Arizona, Florida, Tennessee and Alabama. We can travel elsewhere if you need us, we are here...we are you friend.

About us

After being a 22 year veteran in the beverage industry, I decided to follow my passion and create a company that encompasses so many fantastic elements of what I’ve learned as Distributor Rep, a Bartender/Mixologist, Beverage Director, Bar Owner and a Brewing Apprentice. It means a lot to me to be able to contribute to the drinking culture and help others get more educated and run their businesses a lot smoother. I’m dedicated to building brands and being a good partner. 

I want to hear your visions and support you with your events, strengthening your beverage program and the team attached to it. Assist in building a brand footprint that makes sense to you and your potential customers. As a team, we will help you get your goals accomplished in drinking better and growing more within your spectrum. You mean a lot and your name should be heard. Let’s get everyone talking about your team and your brand.

Thank you,

Emma :-)


What our partners and customers say

Amazing talent and compassion. One of the best hands down. Always a pleasure and always professional! Follows through with what she says. I wish I could put Emma in my pocket and take her everywhere! 🖤

Dylan Norris- Cutwater Spirits December 4, 2019

I worked with EHA consultants in the  St louis and Atlanta market. I have worked with many consultants none quite like EHA. I was genuinely impressed with her extensive beverage knowledge and GREAT ideas.

Her ability to come into an establishment and generate a new love for the art of restaurants was amazing while implementing standards and procedures.  Complete professional! So thankful I had the opportunity of working with EHA. Everyone learned something fresh and new.

Michele Rivera- CTRXHS October 3, 2019

I hired EHA Consultants in the Denver market and whoa, did they exceed expectations! Emma is creative, which I am not, and dreams up with these grand ideas within my budgets that make the events look much more sophisticated than dollars spent! When you get her in front of consumers, she has a way about her that makes you want to engage with her. She is very eloquent with her speech and her brand knowledge can make any grown craft spirits professional cry. You are in good hands if you call EHA Consultants and Emma Alexander the GREAT!

Kelli Burdick- Samson & Surrey August 13, 2019


Meet our brand partners

Get more details on the brands we work with!

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